Holiday Workshops (6 - 16yrs)

art-K Ewell

Thank you for joining us for our holiday workshops! *Please note that if you book a full day of workshops, children *must* be picked up over lunch between the AM and PM sessions. This time is reserved for sanitising the studio. As part of our responsibility to you, our staff, and to current government guidelines; • On entry to the studio, children will then be asked to wash their hands with antibacterial soap and to then sit at their allocated art station for the duration of the session. Each space is separated with a 3mm perspex screen, allowing each child to maintain social interactions through a safe and hygienic format. • Parents aren’t allowed into the premises to minimise movement of people. However we can use the windows as viewing galleries and the children can show you their work at the end of the session. • Where possible, the door will be opened in the studio to provide a fresh air flow - so it may be advisable for children to bring a light jumper if they are prone to get chilly easily. As a reminder, please be aware that we are not currently offering any drinks or snacks during our sessions - so it is recommended that children bring their own bottled water and snack for the sessions they attend. We are very much looking forward to seeing you soon!

Week Dates
Week 1 Tue 21st December 2021 - Thu 23rd December 2021
Week 2 Tue 28th December 2021 - Thu 30th December 2021